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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

Football and Sports Leadership Academy

The Coaching Academy - Football & Sports Leadership Programme.

众所周知,当人们做自己真正热爱和感兴趣的事情时,学习效率会更高. The Coaching Academy’s aim is to create a learning programme, 它为志同道合的学生提供机会,通过体育指导成为更自信和更有能力的年轻人,并为他们进入就业或高等教育的世界做好准备.


999真人学校与当地教练组织uSports合作,开发了一个独特的体育教练项目, with the aim to develop talented young football coaches and sports leaders. Whether you are interested in becoming a football or sports coach, physical education teacher, fitness Instructor or sports development officer, the Coaching Academy will give you the skill, knowledge and experience to develop a career in the sports industry.


Open to both male and female students between 16 – 19 years, the course is a must for any sport and football enthusiast. 候选人必须认真对待体育教练的职业生涯,有高度的承诺和基本的健康水平. 希望参加教练学院途径的学生必须在他们的普通中等教育证书中取得47分或更高的分数. 你所接受的资格证书和培训是专门为提高你的沟通和领导能力而设计的. You will develop both confidence and maturity, 使您能够在团队环境中工作,并能够以称职和专业的方式领导和指导他人.

The Coaching Academy programme is a 2 year course, 它将一系列FA和体育教练奖项与三级NCFE教练证书结合在一起. The course is worth 1 A-Level, which equates to 48 – 72 UCAS points. 该课程可以与其他A-Level或BTEC资格一起学习. 这相当于2个a - level课程,将支持进入大学/学院学习体育课程,或在体育行业提供直接就业机会. GCSE数学和英语课程可以添加到您的学习计划中,您可以从一系列a - levels和BTEC/Cam技术课程中选择,以配合您的体育教练学习. We have links with a number of universities, which provide a range of sports and football related degree courses.


  • FA Playmaker Award
  • FA Level 1 Introduction to Coaching Award
  • FA Safeguarding Children
  • L3 First Aid Award
  • 1st4Sport Level 2 Coaching Certificate
  • NCFE L3 Sports Coaching Certificate (16-56 UCAS points)
  • Sports Leaders Level 3 (16 UCAS points)
  • Referees Award

十多年来,999真人一直在伯克希尔地区成功地培养年轻的体育教练. Since we introduced the football studies programme in 2008, our graduates have exceeded all expectations. We now have soccer coaches in professional clubs and in the USA, sports coaches in local primary schools, fitness instructors in local health clubs, 在全国各地大学学习各种体育课程的体育教师和学生.

‘It has been my pleasure to watch many of our leaders become more confident, 成熟和有能力的年轻人,因为他们从999真人的课程中学到了技能和价值观. Development of good habits and good attitudes are the corner stones of our courses and we strongly believe that the personal journeys that our students undertake whilst learning to lead stand them in good stead for their future careers and in life itself’

                                                                                                                                   Andy Freeman (Lead Tutor)













由专业从业者提供,包括前职业足球运动员, 教练学院有经验丰富的体育老师和足球导师,为999真人的学员提供最高水平的教学. Pupils will train using state of the art facilities, which include a full sized 3G football pitch, a fitness suite and a private classroom equipped with a computer suite. 学生们还将参观足球场,并由经验丰富的uSports导师进行实践指导, 为学生提供一个独特的见解,以指导小学儿童. 该课程还包括一些互动模块,包括实际面试经验和工作分配, 这让999真人的学生有机会在学校环境之外学习,并完成体育行业的工作经验安排.


‘An excellent course, with superb tutors. 我在教练项目中学到的经验和技能帮助了我在美国执教和在大学学习. 这门课程很有趣,可以让你在工作中学习,给你一个更现实和有价值的学习经历。”

                                                                                                                              Chris Wateridge – (Ex Student)

999真人很现实地认为,很少有学生能成为职业足球运动员,999真人专注于为学生提供经验, knowledge and qualifications, which will offer them a broader choice and pathway in the sports industry. Working in small cohorts, learning is collaborative and pupils are given ownership in their learning, 允许他们做决定,并作为一个团队来提供实际的活动, coaching sessions, PE 教训 and tournaments.

“999真人的学生通过‘做’来学习,并将在学校的体育部发挥积极的作用。, 协助学校体育俱乐部的教练工作,并协助组织和实施体育课程.E. 教训.

                                                                                                                                        Richard Williams (Tutor)


Coaching students delivering a hearing impaired football session


999真人与uSports令人兴奋的新合作使999真人的培训学生在学习期间和毕业后都能直接获得当地的工作实习和工作机会. 学习途径使999真人的学习者能够在现实生活中实践他们的学习. uSports提供广泛的体育指导,包括小学课后课程, football development centres, weekend parties and holiday sports courses. 999真人的许多学生已经完成了学徒期或在uSports找到了工作, 继续完成4级体育教练资格考试,并在体育教练行业发展自己的职业生涯.

‘The programme provides young people with an excellent mix of experience, qualifications and skills, which make them highly proficient and employable. 999真人一直从999真人学校教练学院招聘教练,因为999真人知道教练都是专业的, reliable and able.

                                                                                                                        Charlie Hiscox (uSports Director)

如果你有兴趣了解更多关于足球和体育领导学院的信息,为什么不来参观999真人呢 ?

Contact lead tutor Andy Freeman to arrange a meeting and visit 此外,999真人还有一系列的课程信息和招聘活动: